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Age is just a number…..

on December 8, 2011

So I am teetering on the edge of turning 33…..Eeeekk! How did that happen!? I’m sure last time I checked I was 21.

Anyway since I have reached this middle milestone in my 30’s of being over half way to 35, I though I would write a blog, of a few experiences, sights and sounds that inspire my life and work.

As I sit pondering and writing this in front of a cosy log fire, it’s freezing cold and blowing a gale outside, we’re only part way into December and I’m already longing for the warmer summer months so I can be outside in the sunshine.

In the winter the thing I miss the most about summer are the sunsets, at this time of year the sun barely leaves the horizon, we’re lucky if it shows it’s face at all. During the summer one of my favourite things to do in the evening is to walk the dog along the shore and watch the sun as it dips below the horizon, almost like it is sinking into the sea.

I love how the colours in the sky change as the sun sets. There will never be an exact replication of colours and clouds in the sky on another day.

I have taken many photographs of sunsets for this very reason.

Each sunset is completely unique, I’ll never bore of watching the sun go down, that moment of reflection as the day ends, realising that someone else in the world the sun is rising for them as they start a new day.

The days while the girls are in school are so routine, but they speed by now, at the time, their baby years seemed to go on forever, I’m pretty sure from the moment that Lotty was born until Izzy had her first full day at school, life was just one BIG day. I miss my girls while they are at school, the house is so quiet without them around, the best sound in the world is hearing them laughing away together. They both love to sing and I beam with pride every time Lotty sits down to play the piano, singing along to herself. Two things that I have always wanted to be able to do but have zero ability in either, she does like they are the easiest things to do in the world.

Izzy loves to dance, from somewhere she has found rhythm and has a proper little persona to match. I think that is safe to say they take after Jim


Izzy dancing away in the kitchen.

My beautiful girls

Jim and I met in the shop where I worked just over 10 years ago.

I had wanted to learn to ride a motorbike since I was a little girl, I talked with my Grandad  about going to the Isle of Man to watch the TT, Grandad never held a full driving licence as he had been a biker in his younger healthier days, even when he had a family he kept his bike and had a side car, or drove a Reliant when the bike became too impractical as he got older. We planned to visit the Isle of Man together but sadly he was never well enough. I suppose when he passed away in June 2001 it spurred me on to do what we had both dreamed about, travelling over on bikes and watching the TT together……..

So into my life walks Mr Jim, who at the time had been teaching his nephew and niece to ride off road, Mr Boss man drops me in it and lets slip that I was planning to book lessons, Jim being Mr helpful as ever offers to get me started…..

Jim & Me November 2001

Our bikes

 Now I’m sitting here wondering where on earth the last 10 years went!

I gave up my bike after Lotty was born. I had the huge mortality check that comes with producing your very own little human being who is solely there because of you and needs you so completely in the early months……So through total sleep deprivation and the need to be there for Lotty I chose to give the “two wheeled death trap” a wide birth for a couple of years :~)

That need for the bike is still there, biker blood is strong in this one, which is why I’m getting back out there, CBT done and in the spring lessons will be booked. I love the feeling of freedom riding a motorbike gives, it may have something to do with being a bit of an adrenaline junkie or speed freak, I’ve been called both. But I like to think of it as a way of getting around that little bit quicker and for an awful lot less money than in a car ;~)

Plus I’m sure my Grandad would be pleased if I got to watch the TT.

Grandad and my Dad with one of his Reliants

4 responses to “Age is just a number…..

  1. Stan says:

    The reliant was yellow and the reg was FKF459C we went all over the country as far as south devon.
    I was in The Isle of Mann with your Grandad in 1967 and your mum + your mums parents later

  2. Now I know where I get my photographic memory for Reg plates from, thanks Dad. We went to the Isle of Mann in 1980, I caught measles on the ferry apparently and Mum was morning sick with Mark…. Happy days! :~)

  3. rowansong says:

    Lovely post! I completely relate to the bike thing, once you get the bug….:) I bike with my partner as a pillion (though am hoping to get my CBT done) and love it. I would so much rather go pretty much anywhere on the bike rather than car, even when it’s cold!! Can also relate to the age thing…it’s funny how those milestones affect us, when we realise life just keeps on moving without us noticing and suddenly we’re further down the road than we thought we were! I was a complete nightmare when I turned 30, I did *not* want to leave my 20s behind lol, but then turning 40 last year was a much more graceful affair, much more reflective. I think every life stage is different and we often only realise that when we’re on the other side of it. It’s good to take time to step back and think about where we’ve been and where we’re going what’s important to us and what doesn’t matter. Oh, I’m sounding very grown up all of a sudden…nooooo lol!!

    • Thanks Rowansong :~) I’m more than happy to ride pillion, love every minute of being on the bike even if I’m not in charge!! It’s good to know how to ride in all weather and not just when it’s sunny and warm……. I really wasn’t happy about turning 30 either, but it doesn’t really matter how old you are so long as you and those around you are happy :~) Crumbs now I’m sounding all grown up! ;~p

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